Another Project Bites the Dust

Another Project Bites the Dust

Autumn sunsets and crispy leaves are what these colours say to me 

No surprises I have finished another project whilst being here. This time it is a gorgeous hat. Again this pattern was from my new book about chunky wool, but it is the wool that does all the talking in this piece.

It just screams Autumn! Possibly my favourite season, this hat encompasses everything that I love about the season. Snuggly woollies and blazing colours. It caught my eye instantly and I just had to have it.

It is possibly the simplest hat I have ever knitted, and I am not complaining there is nothing I love more than a simple pattern. Knitted in garter stitch it is simply a piece of fabric that gets folded in half and sewn on two sides, with the third edge being the hole for your head, it couldn’t be more simple.

This is the perfect hat if your are trying a chunkier yarn and needles then you are used to because all it requires are your basic skills. I will be the first to admit all I have are the basics. The wool is delightful to knit with, Hayfield Colour Rich Chunky, similar to James C Brett Marble Wool (coincidentally that is the wool that I used to knit my Dad’s scarf in) The colours are vibrant and you get a lot of wool for you money (happily it was on sale when I bought it)

Since I have so much wool left over I am making a matching scarf…whether this will be for me or as a Christmas present is anyone’s guess at the minute! I am knitting it in a simple garter stitch to match the hat so again it could not be simpler…I might have to employ this method more often.

Have a look in the Photo Gallery to see this yummy hat from various angles, which is beautifully modeled by myself…..moving on. So keep a look out for this wool I would recommend it to anyone!Garter Bobble Hat.jpeg

Happy Crafting!


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