Baby Fever

Baby Fever

Quack Quack 

This article is about knitting for babies. My friend is giving birth to my godson Michael John (MJ for short) today and a few months ago I made her a set to dress the baby in for when he comes home from hospital. When I made this set we did not yet know the sex of the baby so it was knitted in a neutral cream. Not much point in knitting two sets because I doubt whether little MJ would be dressed in pink booties.

The set consisted of a hat, cardigan and booties. I have also crocheted a blanket that I will take with me when I go to get my hands on him

The hat was knitted in stocking stitch. The reason for this is because it creates a tight fabric that will cushion the baby’s head when they lie down, but without putting any pressure onto the head. The rim of the hat was knitted in a single rib which creates a snug fitting band that will be secure on the baby’s head, keeping them warm. It also ensures that the hat stays on their head, especially when they’re wriggling around.

The cardigan was knitted in a combination of stocking and garter stitch. The main body of the cardigan is knitted in stocking stitch but the sleeves are knitted in garter stitch. This adds a variety of texture to the piece which gives it some definition since it is knitted in a block colour. It is secured with one button, which makes dressing baby a little bit easier. They may be squidgy but trying to get them dressed is like trying to hold onto a bar of soap…slippery. I finished off MJ’s cardigan with a novelty duck button. I chose this because, as I said, at the time I didn’t know the sex of the baby but wanted to finish off the piece with a child friendly touch. I fell in love with the button when I saw it! It is so cute!

The booties were knitted in garter stitch with an eyelet lace around the edge. The reason the booties are in garter is because it knits a thick fabric which will keep baby’s tootsies toasty. The eyelet lace edging is there because you can thread some ribbon through the eyelets to finish off the booties. The ribbon can be in a neutral or similar colour to the yarn that you have used; or can be in a bold or contrasting colour to make them stand out. I didn’t have any ribbon, or time to buy ribbon before I gave the booties to the expectant Mummy and Daddy. Nevertheless the booties still look very sweet without the additional decoration.

The blanket that I have crocheted is made up of many components. The overall shape of the blanket is square. The center square of the blanket is 5×5 consisting of 25 mini squares. I have used a combination of pastel pink and blue, mint green and white yarn to make up the center piece. Then for the rest of the blanket I have used mint green and white yarn and have alternated the two colours with every new round. The stitch used throughout this blanket is a treble crochet. This is a tall stitch which allows the blanket to be crocheted quicker because it requires fewer rounds then if I were using a double crochet stitch.

In all of these items the colours are neutral so that they could be passed on to other expectant parents when MJ has outgrown them. The colours are also in pastel tones so they are baby friendly and won’t glow in the dark when Mum and Dad are trying to get some much needed sleep.

There is something very pleasurable about crafting on such a small scale and also very satisfying because you can complete a project very quickly giving you a great sense of achievement.

I will be posting the patterns one at a time with a reference as to where I have got them from should you wish to go out and buy the book or magazine that I have also got them from.

Happy Crafting!


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