Breaking the Stereotype

Breaking the Stereotype

Just relaxing in Costa 

When reading this blog you will often find that I have random bubbles of thought…however on here I will only be writing about ones related to knitting.

Many people who see me out and about with either a pair of knitting needles in hand or with a crochet hook, usually either ogle at what I am doing or point it out to whoever they happen to be with! At first I was very uncomfortable with this because I didn’t like to be stared at. However, I like that people see what I am doing as strange behaviour for someone of my age. I generated even more curiosity when I was 13 and was either knitting or crocheting in public.

Due to causing such a buzz of excitement whenever people who didn’t know me saw me crafting, I started to make more of a point to take my projects out and about with me! I don’t want you to think that I am bragging or being a bit of a show off by doing it.  But, giving somebody something different to look at besides the usual humdrum of society makes their day and gives me a giggle (the world is dark enough as it is, brighten it up). Knitting and crochet and embroidery and any other craft that has been around for many a moon is not just for the older generations. No one turns a blind eye  to an older woman knitting in a coffee shop but when it is someone of a much younger generation who is doing so; all of a sudden the world has turned into a Helter Skelter.

I am a massive advocate for younger generations getting into these, some might call, ancient crafts. I used to assist my art teacher to teach a group of 15 year old’s to crochet. They were tentative to begin with but when they realised the fun that could be had they all went away and bought their own hooks and yarn.

Some may think it is anti-feminist to be doing a ‘home maker’ craft. There is nothing wrong with being a home maker but there are so many patterns, designs and wool that knitting and crocheting is no longer a job that needs to be done in order to keep the family warm. It is a medium of EXPRESSION! The colours are vibrant, the patterns are eccentric and the result is absolutely fabulous darling (I’m an addict of the TV series Ab Fab, you have been warned references may pop up)

I guess what I am trying to say, especially to younger readers and crafters, is that you should embrace these crafts! Keep them alive because I don’t want to have to order all of my yarn online.

Be different, be unique! We can make it a trend to do, the hobby to have! So get out there with your needles and yarn and show the public that you can sit there with your coffee or glass of wine and craft in public. Instead of staring at your phone on a journey, work on that cardigan that is nearly finished. If things are a bit socially awkward, make that must-have scarf and spark up a conversation to break the ice; maybe even teach others how to craft as well. Whatever way you do it get out there and craft!(I’ll get off my soap box now)

Happy Crafting!


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