Christmas is a Callin’

Christmas is a Callin’

Snuggled under a chunky fleecy blanket crocheting this cutie 

I just couldn’t help myself…my fickle ways got my fingers itching…I’ve started another project. A crocheted cable scarf! This is a completely new endeavor for me, I had no idea you could cable with crochet but there you have it and I am giving it a whirl. It also arose from the stirrings of my Christmas fever, if you hadn’t guessed by now I am crackers about Christmas! It is…”The most wonderful tiiiime of the yeeeear!” (sorry I couldn’t pass up on that opportunity) I have no idea if this scarf will be for me or inevitably…for someone else as a present for Christmas.

The nights are getting darker earlier, the chill of Autumn is creeping in…and there is rain non-stop (Welcome to Ireland or Failte go hEirinn) But for some mystical reason the buzz and sheer joy that I feel started to creep up inside me the other night (I hope my buzz isn’t peaking too soon!) It could have been the red wool, or the fact that I have been doing my Christmas shopping, both online and in the shops as I hate shopping in December I just get all flustered and end up having a panic attack. Confession time however…I think my shopping is nearly complete, that could be a good reason as to why I might be peaking a little too soon.

Nevertheless, I intend to hold onto this feeling as I think it just adds a slight sparkly spring to my step and rubs off on others around you. Anywho back to the scarf (told you I waffle)

This scarf is something that I have fallen somewhat in love with! It is so very different to anything that I have ever attempted before, as a matter of fact I don’t think I’ve ever crocheted a scarf before?! I started this new adventure snuggled under a fleecy blanket enjoying the sound of the rain with a nice hot cup of tea…hot chocolate would have been better but there was none in the house.

It was a pattern that I got free online, yes you heard me correct FREE ONLINE! A word to the wise though, get to grips with how to either knit or crochet first because you’ll be able to spot any patterns that are, shall we say…below par? This pattern however is turning out to be quite a treat.

It is a chunky cable but I think that adds to the robustness of the pattern, pretty ideal for a chilly winters day don’t you think? As I’ve said before crochet makes for a stiffer fabric then knitting so choose your wool wisely otherwise you are going to end up taking a layer of skin off your neck, not a pretty picture. Back to cheerier matters shall we?! It is a simple pattern to follow and you just repeat the same series of steps over and over until you reach the desired length of scarf.

I can’t give a final verdict on this particular scarf but I will keep you up to date on my progress! Go on then what are you waiting for…GET CHRISTMASY!

Happy Crafting!


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