I told you I was fickle

I told you I was fickle

Knitting me wrist warmers whilst out for coffee with Mammy and my sister

Yet again I have started another project! This one arose from a slight panic that I didn’t have enough presents knitted or crocheted for Christmas. FYI, I am going to be in Ireland for four months as part of my uni degree so I need to have most if not all presents made. This year the biggest thing that I will have knitted for Christmas will be a scarf for my Dad (which admittedly I started last year) the rest are small quick projects (I like to do small quick knits because they are rewarding to do and you can get more done, it seems to impress people when they get two crafted items even if they are small)

I feel I should say sorry for my repeated use of brackets….I just like them.

Anyway back to my fickle ways, I have knitted wrist warmers. Now I know they do not sound that amazing but for some reason the pattern that I used is fantastic! They are a snug fit and are super snugly warm, and added advantage is that you will be able to use your phone without having to take them off. The reason for such snugglyness is because there are two cuffs, one around the wrist and one around the fingers that comes just above the knuckles. The main body of the wrist warmer is knitted in stocking stitch, so if you’ve read previous articles you’ll know why it’s good!

They  take about 20-30 minutes each to knit and make great presents, I would highly recommend these, I’ve made three pairs already. So get out there and make a really simple but effective and pretty pair of wrist warmers for the coming colder months! As you can see I did mine whilst out and about in the town having a Raspberry Iced Tea! Like I said I love to knit in public.

Happy Crafting!


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