Knitting Club has Come to an End

Knitting Club has Come to an End


As you probably know I started and ran a knitting club with the help a few beautiful assistants, Ros, Katie, Claire and Lianne. We five and a lovely bunch of girls got out the needles for a session of bitch and stitch once a week for six weeks…well we did most of the bitching and they did most of the stitching.

My plan was to blog weekly about the trials and tribulations of the knitting club…however I was, a. Too lazy and b. Too busy to fit it in…but mostly too lazy. So here I am letting you know what’s happened over the past six weeks.

Admittedly the first session was not a roaring success. The girls struggled with the idea of casting on and it may have caused one or two tears (mine) So in preparation for the following week I cast on and knitted three rows 15 times, one for each student. That was a task And a half! However it was very appreciated by the girls which gave me quite a boost.

Over the next 3 weeks the girls practiced garter stitch and all of them at some point managed to knit more than one row which I felt was a great achievement for all of them. Week 5 saw them choose the colour wool of their choice and begin to knit their project which they would take home with them (and yes I casted on 15 pairs of needles) the girls all managed to knit at least one row of their project which I then finished knitting for them.

The girls were very pleased with this and I was told I was their favourite teacher (FYI not wise to say in front of other teachers…it causes friction in the staff room)

The girls then casted off their own projects which they had some difficulty with but they all managed to do at least three stitches themselves. I felt this was a great achievement considering that casting off is one of the harder basics to learn the same as casting on.

After they had sewn up with edges of their knitting to make their bracelets they went on to knit on buttons…however…the needles may have been too chunky to fit through the eyes of the buttons (probably should have checked that one out) Thankfully my beautiful assistants got creative and decided to make bows out of contrasting coloured yarn and then hand thread a button onto each bracelet.

The girls were extremely proud of their bracelets which was a real boost to end the session on.

Whenever I walk down the corridor or walk to the shop and see one of those students I hear, “That’s my knitting teacher!” and I have to say that is one of the greatest titles I have ever been given.

So to conclude this extraordinarily long article I want to say a big thank you to the ladies that helped me teach 15 girls to gain an interest in knitting which they will hopefully carry on in their lives. So if you are thinking of starting a knitting club I highly recommend it as it is a rewarding experience to watch the skills of the children grow, I would recommend doing a club for longer than 6 weeks though.

Happy Crafting!


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