My Adventures in Ireland

My Adventures in Ireland

My hoard of goodies 

Today was a fantastic day! I finally managed to get myself some new knitting gear. I came to Ireland without any like an edjit, however, I have remedied that problem. I went into a knitters emporium of beauty! I thought I’d lost my life and gone to heaven when I walked into the shrine to all things woolly, Vibes and Scribes. This is a local business in Cork City that not only sells yarn and the tools needed for crafting but it also sells fabric, buttons, baubles and bright shiny beads. They also sell books both new and second hand. Safe to say this place is paradise!

The primary purpose for my visit today was not just because I was missing my beloved craft but also because I will be starting up a knitting club at the school that I am working at. Books on knitting for children are few and far between and are often pretty useless. However I struck gold today and purchased a book which has been written by a woman who has run knitting clubs for children. It is ‘Knitting for Children’ by Claire Montgomery. The charm of this book is not only is it laid out in a way that will entice children but is full of patterns that children can do and you can make for children.

However I couldn’t not try out one or two of the patterns before I set the girls to work…so I had to buy some wool and a pair of needles (mind you I will be back to that shop for one or a dozen other things)  I treated myself to a bit of luxury…I bought a soft grip crochet hook and some soft luxury yarn (it was on sale) However I also bought some, does everything double knit acrylic yarn. I will be trying out the wrist warmers (no surprises there since they have become my new obsession) and some cute accessories like a head band and ear muffs.

I will keep you up to date on my progress with my projects and with the club but for now I recommend you check out Vibes and Scribes website:

Happy Crafting!14262721_180403692370490_824092187_n


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