My Bucket List

My Bucket List

Bucket List.JPG
The Bucket List 

It occurred to me whilst I was jotting down ideas as to what I was going to put on my blog that I have a bucket list. Not the usual bucket list but a knitting one.

There are various patterns, wool and techniques that I would like to try and complete at least once. I may be able to repeat some of them but at least once would I like to achieve success and complete the items on my bucket list. By no means is it a complete bucket list, it is a constantly evolving list with new ideas being added to it but for the time I have got a few items on the list, and here they are:

Finish Blanket (I have been working on this blanket for 7 years now!)

Make a pair of socks

Complete a piece of clothing

Master the Fair Isle technique

Complete MY cardigan

Use Mohair wool

It may not be a long list of items to tick of, but that in itself makes it manageable. I do want to actually achieve the items on my bucket list and not just stare at it like it is a To-Do list of chores. The one that will take the longest to achieve is the one that has been a work in progress for the past 7 years…my blanket! It is the largest challenge that I have set myself but it was never meant to be that way. However I will be writing an article on the blanket soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

I have managed to achieve making my pair of socks! That was the challenge that I set myself to at least complete this year and I have done it (applause is not necessary…but welcomed) The second was easier than the first and admittedly is the better sock…they are actually two different shapes. Making something practical is surprisingly satisfying, I have usually enjoyed the odd knits which are only really useful as Christmas presents or as quirky additions to the home like a Mug Cosy. Yet being in the knowledge that someone will be able to use and may even need what you have made is pleasurable. I am currently in the process of crocheting a pair of socks which is another challenge in itself.

Making a piece of clothing has been achieved but I am yet to make anything for myself…the burden of knitting is that everybody wants something which leaves you little time to make anything for yourself. I made a cardigan that was in fact intended for me but my Mother saw it and feel in love with it, it fitted her much better than it did me so I felt compelled to wrap it up and stick it under the tree as a surprise for Christmas (I’m a sucker for making people happy with knitting) I am making a cardigan for myself, and I swear it really IS for me! I refuse to sacrifice this one, but again it is a work in progress that has been put on the back burner as I am currently making Christmas presents. Which is why I have been researching quick knits, but more on that later.

A technique that I fell in love with when I was a proper novice knitter was Fair Isle (I don’t consider myself an experienced knitter as there is still so much that I am learning, but I think I am past the phase of fresh faced newbie) Unbeknownst to my naive self, that it was an art to be mastered! It is basically knitting with two or more colours on the same row. It creates beautiful patterns that are bright and vibrant but it is a style that requires a lot of patience and can confuse even the most skilled of crafters, so novices BEWARE. The day I complete that item from my bucket list I will be celebrating believe me (so applause would be much appreciated)

Finally, use mohair wool. This came about after seeing a pattern for a cardigan and having bought a stash of mohair wool from the charity shop (a great place to find cheap yarn) It is a very fine wool, that is light weight and soft to the touch, but it can shed so I would not recommend this wool for a project for a baby or infant as it could be a choking hazard. As part of my Christmas knitting I am making a hat using mohair wool for a friend. When using a new yarn I really do recommend making a hat as they are quick and easy.

So, that is my bucket list to date. Some things have been completed, some are still in progress and some I have not yet endeavored to try but all in good time. Keep your eye out for the 7 year blanket and the first pattern from Baby Fever, the hat.

Happy Crafting!


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