Sock It ‘n’ See

Sock It ‘n’ See

Title courtesy of my Mammy 


This article is about my foray into the world of sock knitting. Something that I have proudly achieved this year! It was something of a challenge to begin with. Using double-pointed needles was an unusual challenge as I found them to be quite heavy (I had bought metal ones) and they had a tendency to slip around and sometimes slip off the stitches completely (causing me to have a panic attack) Luckily I didn’t drop any stitches.

Admittedly the socks are odd. The second sock is much better than the first, probably because I understood the pattern better the second time. The cuff of the first sock is loose fitting and doesn’t much have the shape of a sock…as you’ll see  from the photographs (as modeled by my Mammy)

The cuff is knitted in rib to make it elasticated to fit securely (well…the second does) The main body of the sock is knitted in stocking stitch, this allows for a soft but firm fabric which (if I’ve knitted properly) will make for a durable sock…fingers crossed.

What can be said for my socks though is that they are VERY cosy (no fear of frostbite then) The colour is unusual for a pair of socks, it makes for a very garish pair of socks (safe to say you won’t get lost in the dark with those on!)

I have attempted to crochet a pair of socks and have so far only made one…I told you I had a habit of doing more than project at a time. The cuff on this sock is VERY tight, which is tricky when you have dancers calves. But if it sits on the right spot of your leg it stays in place. The body of the sock is relatively loose fitting, making it a sock of two polar opposites.  It is crocheted in a double crochet stitch with a small hook which makes for a tight, secure fabric which keeps your feet roasty toasty!

Due to having to use such a small hook , 3.00mm, it made for quite difficult crocheting. I’ve made it using a VIBRANT wool, it was the only spare wool I had at the time I got the urge to make it (pink is not my colour…hence why these socks will not be something for me, but that’s not unusual)

Anywho, I am proud of this particular project and would recommend it to anyone to give  it a go!

Happy Crafting!


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