The One You Have Been Waiting For

The One You Have Been Waiting For

Admittedly one is better than the other but this is the first time I’ve made these 

You will all be glad to hear that I am quite recovered! Health is with me again so I can get back on track with studying and crafting and general Und Granny activities

So the teaser I left you with was about a pair of something. Some of you will already know as I have been talking with you since I have been away. Some of you may have guessed and most I hope are on tenterhooks awaiting the big reveal. Well I can tell you that I crocheted a pair of…mittens. These things are some of the cutest mittens I have EVER made. I found the pattern in a book I bought from Vibes and Scribes (you know…Nirvana) all to do with knitting and crocheting using chunky wool. This is the part where I tell you that my absolute FAVEY yarn to knit and crochet with is chunky, from just chunky to super chunky (super chunky being my fave favey)

These mittens were super easy to crochet and are so snuggly warm (you know how much I love snuggly warmness) They are longer than your average mitts coming past the wrist by about 8cm. At first I thought I had done them wrong because the picture in the book doesn’t show the full length but when I completed the second one and it was the same size I gathered that was the intention. No chance of getting a chill on your arms with these bad boys.

I went for a very neutral coloured yarn, which is not me at all for those you are aware of my colourful yarn collection. But there is something…classy and feminine to this colour that made me want to use it. That and there wasn’t as large a selection of colours in the super chunky as I have seen in other places. But then again chunky yarn can be a little more expensive to buy and use in projects so that could be why more colours are not stocked.

Nevertheless these mitts are one size and will fit most hands. I would definitely say that these mittens were meant for women, however I have also made mitts that fit men and will put them up soon.

So there you have it, the one you were waiting for and yet again they were mitts…just a different style.

Happy Crafting!


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