What’s in store for Christmas?

What’s in store for Christmas?

Model: My Mammy

Bear with me as this article is going to be a bit longer than the usual. This one is FINALLY going to be dedicated to what creations I have made as presents for Christmas this year (not all of them otherwise this article will become an essay) I took these photos a couple of months ago with the enthusiastic thought of getting this article done…as you can tell that didn’t come to fruition, but nevertheless we are here now.

Just a quick note to say that my creations have been modeled by me and my long suffering mother. She has put up with my wool cluttering the house, my WIPs being everywhere and me getting her to pose in different ways so that I could show off my projects in the best possible light with my amateur photography. So on with the article!

Ok, so this first piece is technically a cheat because it is from a few Christmases ago. So, do you  remember when I said that I had made myself a cardigan and then gave it to my Mater…well I’m gonna talk about that. One reason being it was in fact a Christmas present (all be it that it did not intentionally start that way) Secondly, it’s been a few years now so I wouldn’t be able to write a whole piece on it.

This cardigan, was knitted in a cheap wool and I can admit that now (now that I actually have more of an idea what I’m talking about!) Therefore it is not luxurious to wear, it is a very simple pattern and I can also admit that it is not the neatest bit of knitting you will ever see in your life (not the worst either, if I do say so myself) For me the biggest problem is that I did an incorrect increase on one row and therefore it looks like I have dropped a stitch on the back piece of the cardigan when in fact it is just a hole created by my not having bothered to look up the correct increase.

The colour I love which is the main reason why I bought that yarn (so much so that I still have some left) This, unsurprisingly, took me a while to knit as it had to be knitted in stages so inevitably I got bored and started other patterns. However, for the first piece of clothing that I made to fit an adult I am still pretty damn proud of it!

The next piece is a crocheted piece. It was YET AGAIN a piece that was intended for me and I have admittedly worn it once or twice, however it was just sitting in my wardrobe and I wanted to use it to give as (what I thought would be) a pretty impressive present! It is a shawl in the most beautiful blue (as I am  sure you can guess there is still plenty left in my stash) However, I got too lazy to crochet the embellished edgings that were part of the pattern.

I did however decide to do this for the Christmas present because we can all admit it would have been pretty lazy not to considering someone is going to get this for Christmas (I hope the lucky duck who is going to get this for Christmas is not reading this article if you are…it is all meant with love!) I chose a very bold striking pink for two reasons, 1. It contrasts nicely with the rich colour of the blue and 2. It was spare wool that I knew I didn’t have enough of to do a whole project and with it being pink it is not my colour!

I sits just on the shoulders and can be tied at the front with the thinner ends of the shawl. With the embellishments around the edge, the shawl has a lovely curl to it.

Next is a pair  of crocheted wrist warmers/finger less gloves. I know your probably thinking when is she going to change the tune? Well these wrist warmers happen to be quite different besides the obvious i.e. they are crocheted. The pair also have the thumb crocheted as well. Admittedly these are very snug and that is probably because I crocheted them a little too tight so if you have bigger hands you won’t be getting these otherwise you will lose the circulation in your thumb!

Also the added difference to these is that there is a frilly cuff around the wrist as a final embellishment. I made these in a dark grey wool (I spotted it in a charity shop and instantly knew I wanted to do this pattern with it) with the cuff in a striking blue contrast (coincidentally the same blue wool that was used in the shawl) Though snug these wrist warmers really do the job and keep your mitts nice and warm!

(I’ve just realised that all except one of these patterns is crocheted, that was not the intention but it’s good to mix things up a bit!)

Right, I’ll leave it there otherwise you’ll never come back to read again! Congratulations if you lasted this long, I much appreciate the support and commitment you have made to becoming an Und Grannier. Unless you read this far just because you were bored and you needed to do something to pass the time or to avoid conversation then I’ll say your welcome, I hope that this blog piece has done something to alleviate you problem.

Happy Crafting!


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