Bonny Bunting

Bonny Bunting

Well, university is over and the job hunt is afoot. I survived three very hard years with unimaginable challenges. University was one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. I have loved the past three years as I have learnt things and had new experiences. My final year of university was by far the hardest in both a personal and academic sense. The call of the dissertation is a dreaded one! This will inevitably invoke the art of procrastination…which we all know students become Jedi masters at. Nevertheless perseverance is the key to success and success was had even under the most debilitating of circumstances.

However, with that now being firmly behind me I intend to move onward and upward! This includes current employment (I say the job hunt is afoot it is now at a conclusion) I have managed to secure the perfect job for me. This being a teaching assistant in a primary school. I am working with Year 6 students which is quite a jump from Reception and is a little bit of a shock to the system but I love it nonetheless. With SAT’s being a fundamental aspect of Year 6, stressed out students will no doubt follow behind. No matter how much preparation and planning we put into getting our students ready, they will feel the pressure of having to sit a test that will impact their starting point at secondary school. To help combat the stress and anxiety I have hatched a plan to do therapy/calming/unwind-esque sessions. One of these will of course be related to knitting. It will be open to both boys and girls but we will have to wait and see who are the takers. I want it to be a safe space for the children to come away from the slog of test papers and have a stitch and bitch ‘Year 6 style’.

Unsurprisingly I have digressed and gotten carried away on a train of thought. I will come back to these therapy session ideas at a later date. For now though onto the topic of Bonny Bunting. As you can gather by the title this particular piece is to do with bunting. Blend It Like Saza asked me to make some bunting to help decorate her bedroom which she was in the process of doing. The bunting that I made was crocheted and so easy to do, it was just a series of increases. I chose the colours that matched her room resulting in quite an earthy bunting.


Crocheted on a 5 mm hook in double knit acrylic yarn, it was made in spitting time. It was the first time that I had made bunting and I was so pleased with the finished product. So much so that I have decided to make it in a new colour theme…can you guess?


Yes, that is right, I am making Christmas bunting this year to decorate either my bedroom or the front room. I can’t decide just yet, thoughts? With the Bonny Bunting I only made the triangles in block colours as I wasn’t confident enough to try and stripe some of them. However, for the Christmas bunting I intend on making it fabulous darling. It will be in the classic red, green and white colour scheme but that is not all. Some will be striped and look like a candy cane or even elf on the shelf triangles. Some will even have pieces appliqued onto them including holly and snowflakes. You know me, classy isn’t necessarily my style when it comes to Christmas…gaudy is more what comes to mind. I mean it’s Christmas if you can’t then, then when can you eh? (Name that Christmas film) I will be getting onto Christmas themed goodies pretty soon so keep your peepers peeled.

I hope that you are all well and are beginning to find the path you want to travel on or if you are just starting on it, I hope that it leads you to where you want to be.

Happy Crafting!

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

You are probably disgusted with me considering I have not been around for…well let’s not dwell on that. Again I must apologise Und Grannier’s but by now you should know I am not a reliable source for regular updates. Nevertheless on to new things, after much convincing Blend It Like Saza has convinced me to change the forum in which I write my ramblings. For as much as I enjoyed my last platform I like the idea of a more personable environment with which I can communicate with my Und Grannier’s. Alongside the new look of this blog there will also be a few new topics that I will be rambling about.

(Just a side note) all of my previous blog posts have moved home with me so you can always go back and read on the previous pieces as you desire. Reminding yourself of any marvelous pieces I’ve written… *cough* moving on.

The next couple of pieces that will be appearing on here are to do with lifestyle. What I mean is I’m not about to spout about keeping New Year’s resolutions which we all know are down the toilet. Nor am I going to be telling you how to keep fit and healthy because I am no hypocrite. What I am going to rambling on about is how to keep organised and how to make your space welcoming. I know everyone has there own style of doing things this just happens to be mine, like it or leave it. The reason for this change in topic is because of a change to my environment. The end of my degree is looming and with only two months left to get my dissertation and two additional pieces finished, my stress and anxiety levels have gone through the roof.

So after much procrastination (which will get you nowhere) and much stress texting to Blend It Like Saza, I have emerged with a clearer path ahead of me. Through the power of writing I can confidently say that I am feeling much more comfortable with how I am going to tackle the next coming months. I won’t repeat myself regarding my gingerbread man oracle, you’ll have to go over to Instagram (undgranny) to read about him. No, today is going to be about the advantages of a calendar. You may think this an obvious one but until this year I had most definitely underrated the effectiveness of a calendar.

Again, I was having a crisis about my work and my life in general when I decided the best thing to do was to purchase a calendar. This way I could get all of the dates and information I had stored in my head down so that I wouldn’t forget about anything. And what do you know, it worked. However, it is not just your usual humdrum calendar with cute puppies on it.  This one is made to inspire! It is bursting with colour and every month has an inspirational quote to get you through that month.


I find that I work better when things are stimulating and colourful, so I decided to go one step further and got out my Sharpies (not genuine that’s far too expensive for a student) and jazzed up the significant dates on the calendar. Doodles to break up the monotony of black and white squares. Things to draw your eye and to remind you that something is coming up. There are even dates that aren’t significant, just that its the start of summer, but still it deserves a bit of love.

Yes, I even highlighted my submission dates because they ain’t going nowhere (sorry Mother) so there is little point in trying to avoid them. I feel that this has given me a drive to work at it and get what I need done.

I find that just by doing the doodles it helps to calm me and gives me a little breathing space from the slog of studying. Here are a few doodles that have helped to brighten up my space which is, admittedly already a colourful corner of my home.

Usually this is where I would sign off Happy Crafting! Today however for the purposes of a different topic we’ll mix it up.

Happy Doodling!